How To Resist An Immoral Sexual Thought Of Masturbation

How To Resist An Immoral Sexual Thought Of Masturbation

How To Resist The Immoral Thought Of Masturbation

To resist the thought of masturbation is not attained by promises. You can't promise and assure God that you are going to resist the thought of masturbation whenever it arises. That Promise will be broken someday, paving way for regret, down cast and shame. Overcoming masturbation become VERY EASY whenever you seriously makes it easy for yourself.

This is where the issue of "THOUGHT" comes-up. You can't wrestle with the thoughts of masturbating. It's an acquired and activated knowledge. Once every thoughts of masturbating is processed and transmitting; my dear, to close such emitting images would be DIFFICULT because knowledge is POWER.

To overturn such mighty power behind that already acquired masturbating knowledge require WORD OF GOD. Word of God is the embodiment of Truth. The awareness of the truth behind God's principles and law controlling the affairs of this world is all written in manuscript; "THE BIBLE". When you study the bible, then to resist the thought of masturbation would become very easy.


  1. When you mistakenly land in porn site, what do you do?
  2. While bathing or laying on bed or at home you suddenly felt strange sexual urge to masturbate; what do you do?
  3. You suddenly feel like watching porn’s with strange urges; what do you do?
  4. While watching movie or TV programs, suddenly a sexual scene was enacted; what do you do?

It takes the GRACE OF GOD for an addicted masturbatory to FLEE from above temptations because the urges will be much GREAT and WILLFULLY ready to consume its victims. The issue of praying by casting-out, rebuking, Holy Ghost firing and thundering the devil at that stage will be grounded, even the thought of opening the bible will also be flush-out.

This is where the issue of truthfulness and awareness of God's principles and basic laws becomes useful. You can't rebuke an IMMEDIATE THOUGHTS or IMAGINATIONS which is already in re-play. Those thoughts and imagination re-plays as a result of sexual images clips and scene Stored and back-up in your human memory data-cells and ready for processing.

You can't hinder or shut-down already processing data without crashing. It will surely crash-down the whole brain-wire system; at this stage; you becomes overwhelm, confuse, perplex and left with just only one option; "PLEASE; SATISFY THIS BURNING URGE"

Hence, many masturbator addicts find it so difficult to overcome this pressure whenever it crashes their self-control or self-will system. Most of them spend about 5-20 years in this immoral act of masturbating. Repeated events without solution on how to avoid or prevent the brain-wire system from crashing.

The only way to subdue those data-store sexual images, imaginations and thoughts from over-powering your Self-will is through the application of the TRUTH found in GOD'S WORD. Before applying this process, ensure you already master-mind your bible; by daily reading, studying and meditation of the scripture and also attending weekly church activities for more spiritual words because the WORD OF GOD serve as a defense against your immoral thoughts.

You can only resist an immediate sexual thoughts or imaginations by RE-DIRECTING or REPLACING the same thoughts with positive words of God. It's a very FAST processing moment in which prayer is always needful. A sincere prayer you utter today will built-up a divine grace and cloud of defense for your victory against temptation tomorrow.

However, the same thoughts WILL continue to rumble repeatedly due to already stored sexual pervert imaginary cells in your memory. Ensure you fight them through RESISTANCE AND REPLACING it with scripture words.


While surfing internet and you suddenly land on Porn’s site or sexual erotic scene. What Next?

1. Plead For The Blood Of Jesus Christ: Instantly; Open your mouth-wide and SHOUT for the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. Plead and Cover your mind and thoughts with the Blood. Satan was not cast down by mere angels. He was wounded and casted down by the precious blood of the Lamb of tribe of Judah. THERE IS MIGHTY POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

2. Cut Of The Source: While pleading the blood, ensure you closed the computer tab and shut-down the computer or switch-off the phone where the sexual images is emitting. Start resisting by deflecting whatever negative image or scene that might have penetrated within your thought or memory.
The same principle is also applicable whenever you felt or witness any sexual masturbating signs; Plead for the blood of Jesus Christ and FLEE. You might also FREEZE or SHUT-DOWN your mind or thoughts for few seconds.

Yes; it's possible. This process is known as ABSENT MILDNESS, A process whereby your mind become FROZEN. This process might seem absurd but achievable by God's Grace. Most importantly; keep on working on resisting and replacing the thoughts by reciting Biblical quote or remembrance of God's promises or good-news of his kingdom.

3. Walk Away From Lonely or Seducing Spot: In some cases; be aware of situations that depress and cause you to feel lonely, bored, frustrated or discouraged. These emotional states can trigger the DESIRE to masturbate as a way of ESCAPE. Please Just walk-away or visit friends for mind to cool-off.