The Easiest Way To Overcome Masturbation And Pornography

The Easiest Way To Overcome Masturbation And Pornography

The Easiest Way To Overcome Masturbation And Pornography
Masturbation and pornography seem so serves a pest in the life of majority especially among Christians and many seem to find it terribly difficult to overcome due to wrong approach. The first attempt to indulge while seeking a means to overcome masturbation and pornography is to firstly, totally and willfully surrendered your life to Jesus Christ.

The easiest way of overcoming masturbation and pornography is rooted spiritually in the word of God. Yes, you are already exposed to the ugliness act of sexual immoralities, the gate-way of this demonic nightmare is always opened and to shut-it is like climbing mountain Everest because it always involved consistent spiritual battles and devotions.


Those 100 Naira ( 1 $) porn movies in your room or mobile phone will project dangerous images into your mind which you can't cast-out in next 20 years of your life. Have you not heard about "Spiritual Metamorphism?

easy Way To Overcome Masturbation And Pornography

Spiritual metamorphism is a process in which maggot turns and becomes butterfly, which is same way demon also turns. The demon you encounter through erotic images while watching pornography will pierced through your mind and turns into sexual demonic Spirit in your thoughts or imaginations in which you can't bind or cast-out for the next decade of your life even after acceptance of Christ and repentance.

Spiritual Metamorphism
Example Of Spiritual Metamorphism 

Spiritual Metamorphism of demons of pornography

You can't cast it out because whenever a demon is metamorphose and becomes your "thought" a "philosophy" or "your knowledge"; you can't rebuked or cast it out. It has now becomes your "imaginationsinspiration". It just gets stocked in your memory and that is reason why you always find it terribly hard to stop Masturbation and Pornography.


The first approach toward overcoming Masturbation and Pornography has to deal with yourMIND. You just need to fill that mind with spiritual items. If you are yet to embrace Jesus Christ you can't and will never overcome masturbation or pornography. I have more than 100's facts and evidence to back-up my notion because I personally suffered the same nightmare for more than a decade before wholly acceptance of Christ.

Overcoming Masturbation And Pornography with power of the mind

So in this nugget, I’m basically emphasizing based on experience and not on case study and it’s either you take or leave it but also have at the back of your mind that without Jesus Christ you are absolutely nothing. John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing".

Your flesh is terribly weak, weaken and always weaken. Hence you need a higher or divine power to subdue it. It’s only Jesus Christ who willfully offered his body as a ransom to humanity who has such power, because he is the first and the only man who willfully subdue the power of the flesh and has promised to offered the same grace to as many who shall acknowledges and accept him as their Lord and personal savior.

Matthew 11:28-30 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” So let quickly do a little summary course on the easiest or easy way to overcome or stop masturbation and pornography.


Your church have a great vital role to play while seeking a means or easy way to overcome masturbation and pornography. This is reason why while counseling people who are addicted into masturbation and pornography, the first question I always inquired is the name of the church where they fellowship because church surpasses church and you must ensure you pitch your tent in genuine bible believing church.

Majority of today churches are counterfeits with fake ministers and pastors exhibiting their devilish enterprises in synagogue of Satan. Hence, if your present place of fellowship or Church hasn't been of help or impacting in term of spiritual words; please change your church NOW!!!

There is no name of any church in Heaven because you are the church and needs to be changed. 
Personally I can't even remember the number of churches that recorded my name in their book registrar because I’m a church changer. I believe in personal free-will or choice of life and not even my pastor can compelled me to oblige unto his instructions without my approval.

Please change that church if it hasn't been impacting you spiritually. Though am not going to compelled you but merely emphasizing based on my experience, and only if you’re willfully and easily wish to overcome masturbation and pornography.


You must search-out a department in your church and identify with them. God is seeking for those who are willing to labor for him because he can’t come down to get all the work done. He needs your godly service and you must ensure you discovered the area of your calling in the ministry, either as an evangelist, ushering, intercessor, welfare, sound technical, care ministry, instrumentalist, choir, chorister, protocol, sanitary etc. So make sure you are up and running in that section or department in your church and stop warming the benches and chair.


Making yourself available for mid-week fellowship in your church is spiritual catalysis that will boost your spirit man to be acquainted with the word of God. This will make you to attract godly instructions and keep re-filling your sub-conscious mind which always serves as a trigger while yielding into masturbation and pornography. Psalm 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Attending church fellowship only on Sunday's will never revived your spiritual life.
Therefore, you must quit your busy job and pay attention to mid-weeks church fellowship, night vigils and gathering. Because if you don't, that busy Job will serves as a fire wood that will burnt you in Hell for eternity if you don't quit it now and embrace this easy means of overcoming sinful act of masturbation and pornography.


All worldly social media and neighborhood friends should be BLOCK NOW!!!. To love is a must but friendship is not a must. You are the CEO of your life. You have every godly right to terminates, delete and block-off anyone who doesn't add value to your spiritual life.

Presently i can't recall the number of block friends in my Facebook blocking department-list. I have block several of my childhood friends, cousin, bosom friends, colleague, church brethren and likewise my pastor simply because I’m the CEO of my life and has every godly right to do what please me.

I'm still blocking and will keep terminating and continue replacing them with those who are willing to encourages and feed me both spiritually, emotionally, inspirationally and financially liberating. Hence; it's time to terminate anyone who doesn't fit in your life channel. You are free to terminate and delete your pastor or church members and instantaneously replaced them with those who are valuable because you’re the CEO of your life.


An opposite sex, Bollywood, Nollywood, Hollywood and every woody movies and Soap Opera's always serves as trigger. So you must make covenant never to cast your eyes on any seductive lady. That first sight you casted upon her is mistake number-one while the second mistake "must" never erupt.

You need to cast off your eyes and if peradventure you behold yourself inside a public vehicle with that Jezebel; quickly alight from that demonic vehicle heading to Hell and board another vehicle. This same act is also applicably to sisters who always crushed in men with six packs, huge, tall and handsome.


This final step involves filling-up your adulterated, defiled and decayed mind with words of God. Always cultivates the act of listening to tapes, CDs, records from different men of God. Please you must not only depend on your pastor sermon or messages or tapes.

You need to widen your spiritual course and feed your mind with spiritual balance diet from others ministers of God from other denomination, because you are the CEO of your life and you must grow, study, read and keep widen your spiritual knowledge ahead of your Sunday school class teachers and pastors.

Lastly, ensure you keep feeding that decayed and sub-conscious sepulcher mind and memories with spiritual items. You must at least read a chapter of your bible everyday and spent about 20-30 minutes on your kneel in prayer every day.

If you don't know what to pray; just keep singing praises and worship songs unto him (God). Whenever you’re exhausted of songs the next phase is thanksgiving. Keep on thanking him; thank him for empowering you to urinate, talk, see, reason, walk and for the free oxygen.

Thank him for the clothes on your body, shelter, food and life. Appreciate him for sustaining your family, healing and provision of daily bread and conclude by asking him for special grace to be filled spiritually. The grace to grow, purging of faith, fruits of the Holy Spirit and grace to please him and to strengthen your spiritual life.


No my friend; you don't need to bind, lose or Holy Ghost thunder the spirit of masturbation or pornography. You don’t need to pray against sexual lust or masturbation but rather need to fill your mind with spiritual food and back it up in prayers of grace to live righteously because overcoming sexual immoralities can only prevail by exhibiting spiritual labor and not praying against it.

I hope you have grab 1 or 2 points in this summary term on the easy ways of overcoming masturbation and pornography? You may also place an order for my eBook titled "Perfect Secrets Way To Overcoming Masturbation" and get your copy for a little fee. May God Bless!