The Self Error While Overcoming Masturbation And Pornography

The Self Error While Overcoming Masturbation And Pornography

The Self Error While Overcoming Masturbation And Pornography

One main weapon of the enemy in fighting masturbation is the desire of Christians to try to be perfect. They often think perfection means; never do anything wrong, never fail, never make mistakes. That is not perfection that is actually pride and arrogance.

Perfection in this kingdom means realizing your imperfection and continuously striving to become better by accepting the grace of God to help you conform to his image and likeness. When you strive to be perfect in your own minds and power, you fail horribly. So stop trying to be perfect in the flesh while overriding or overcoming the forces of masturbation and pornography.

Your perfection is in God. It is not you that is your own righteousness, God is your righteousness. Rely more on him by faith rather than trying to reply on your works and efforts in overcoming masturbation and pornography. Think right about yourself, if you want to overcome sexual addiction and masturbation in particular, see yourself as God sees you.

Address yourself as a son of God. You are a kingdom citizen. See yourself as God’s image, God’s likeness. Stop seeing yourself as a sinner or a masturbator. See yourself as a lover of God and a worshiper of God. If you feel you have done something wrong, forgive yourself of it and stand right before God.

Any mistake, failure or weakness you have must be viewed as a reason to desire God more. When you fail, you realize your imperfection and that should make you to want to get closer to God more. Not by thinking of your failure, but by thinking of becoming more like Him, like His character, like His nature, how to emulate Him.


Anytime you fail or fall into masturbation, let it renew your determination to be more broken, to desire God more, and to strive to come closer to Him. Though you might had suffered terribly in the act of  masturbation and tried every human effort to overcome masturbation for years and always behold yourself fallen apart, Please you need to rely upon the divine spirit forces from above instead of your human carnal inputs because overcoming masturbation required divine spiritual backing through the power of the cross in Jesus Christ.
  • God Has Not Forsaken You:
The Lord is always faithful even without your awareness. He has been fighting for you even when you rebel against him, he always search you through and always love to dine and fellowship with you. You slept last night and awake in morning despite the demonic spell casts upon you but yet, you awakes with a healthy body and gracious life all due to his love.

Honestly i can vividly says that God's love toward you is beyond measure and it's far greater than the Love bound he has toward his Heavenly angels. Lucifer and his Co-agents rebel against God and they were casted out from Heavenly paradise.

However, instead of God to cultivates a means of restoration for their redemption but unfortunately he rather proceeded by creating a horrible, fearful and abominable dark-world of hell fire, brimstone and bottomless pit for Lucifer and his Co-agents. That is not love, cares or pity but rather an eternal rejection and destruction.

However when Adam rebel against God he was likewise casted off from same Heavenly paradise where love and peace abound. But in an awe, the same Lord God Almighty who executed terrible judgement upon the first fallen unexpectedly promised man's a divine restoration.

Yet he never forsake man; he always communed, interact and fellowship with him and the same dejected man in an image of Moses behold God's glory. Afterward, He decided to fulfill his divine promise by sending fort his only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to be slaughter as a sacrificial Lamb for man's redemption.

I can affirm that God has not given-up hope on you my beloved, because he suffered and wept bitterly for your redemption and his Love toward you is far greater than the Love he has toward heavenly creatures and this often makes the Angels confused.

I mean, they can't just fathom the reason why God always defends you, the reason why he always protected and persistently forgiving all your sinful errors and this always cause Lucifer and his Demons to go crazy. They are utterly amazed by such gracious love of God toward you.

It's written Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Yes, he not forsaken you even in that fornication, masturbation, stealing, hatred, bitterness, arrogant, pride, adultery and whatever sinfulness you are entangles. He always "Love You Still" because he believes that someday you shall returns to your sense and embrace his love through Christ and today is that appointed day of reconciliation.

At this moment God is patently waiting for your prayers of forgiveness and cry of repentance. And For you to diligently hands over unto him all your struggling over masturbation and pornography. Perhaps you are presently sorrowful due to turmoil of life that has crash your faith and weaken your prayer life; have this in mind "Your testimonies is just a few block away and if you gives-up at this moment, that same envious Lucifer will laugh you to scorn"

The Lord intentional permitted those trials and wilderness experience because there is no Champion without a Challenger and no victor without victory. The day you deliberately lured into masturbation he was there gazing at you and never hated you, he was never worried because he has paid the price for your redemption.

So, kindly hold tight and keep that faith alive because the greater your challenges and discouragement shall amount the greater the echo of your testimonies when it shall shock the brick walls of your church and many shall doubt it. Moreover If i could overcome decade spent in anguished torment and sorrows in masturbation and pornography, how much you?